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What's the worst coworker you've ever worked with?

Fast food. Third shift. The only other employee stayed in the bathroom doing blow.


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My boyfriend does that weird conversation thing。 Sometimes I just (try to) talk over him。 Sometimes I leave the room。 He still doesn't know what I'm talking about when I bring it up。 My current suspicion is he's formulating the next sentence during that pause, either way it drives his mum and I insane。



My least favourite co-worker would also cut people off to say "um" and keep you from speaking. Then he'd try to flex by turning questions around on you, except they'd either be irrelevant or already answered while he was dicking around on his phone. I lost productive time just fuming about it.



Worked with a girl who would sometimes just lay in the floor and play on her phone. She would routinely flip out about something her boy friend did and just start screaming curse words, sometimes in front of customers. She was eventually fired for smoking weed while on the clock.

曾经和一个喜欢躺在地板上玩手机的女孩一起工作。她经常会对男朋友做的事情大发雷霆,然后开始大声咒骂,有时甚至当着顾客的面。 她最终因为在上班时间抽大麻而被解雇。0

There was this lady I worked with that just had the nastiest attitude. Normally I can get along with most folks but this person just brought the whole room down with negative vibes. Nothing was ever good and she always had bad shifts. One thing she did that upset a lot of people was take patients down for xrays and leave them down there to return to our office. The big thing to remember here is that even the lengthiest xrays take maybe 10 minutes at the very most (2-5 mins on average for the scans). Every morning we got xrays to do and I had to send her back down to return patients to their rooms after the xray technicians called right as she got back to our office.

我曾经和这位女士一起工作,她的态度是最恶劣的。通常我可以和大多数人相处,但这个人只会给整个房间带来负面影响,没带来啥好的影响。她做的一件事让很多人感到不安,那就是把病人带下去照 x 光,然后把他们留在那里,自己回办公室。这里需要记住的一件大事是,即使是最长的 x 射线也最多需要10分钟(扫描平均需要2-5分钟)。 每天早上我们都要做 x 光检查,她一回到办公室,x 光技术人员就打电话来,我不得不再把她送回x光房间。


The instances of leaving patients were common so I informed my boss several times in-person and email。 Apparently she had an attitude with every other department we worked with and never informed nurses that we were moving their patients (big no no when meds and vital signs need to be done)。 One day she had abandoned a patient in the ER waiting room when they were waiting for a ride home and told no one so security had found a patient just sitting alone for 15-30 mins without supervision。 It took this and a year of recorded evidence for this person to finally get fired。 When that happened it’s like a dark cloud lifted and a lot of people were relieved。

让病人独自待的情况很常见,所以我亲自和电子邮件通知了我的老板好几次。显然,她对我们工作过的每个部门都是这种态度,从来不会告诉护士我们正在转移他们的病人(当需要进行药物治疗和生命体征检查的时候,她说不行)。 有一天,她把一个病人遗弃在急诊室的候诊室里,当时他们正在等车回家,她没有告诉任何人,所以保安发现一个病人在没有监督的情况下独自坐了15-30分钟。医院花了一年的时间收集证据,最终她被解雇了。给我们的感觉就好像乌云散去,许多人松了一口气。

Oh and she tried to get various employees around the facility to sign a form to argue against her case - one person signed。



lol at the form signing, omg. My deepest terror is that I am that person at work and that no one would sign that form, but hopefully neither of us are those people <3



Not necessarily a "co-worker" but my old supervisor literally told me not to think, even if it's wrong that I do things her way, and not to ask questions because I should already know what to do. I had just gotten the position

不一定是“同事” ,我的老上司告诉我不要思考,即使我按她的方式做事是错误的,也不要问问题,因为我应该知道该做什么。我刚刚入职。


My wife talked about a supervisor her first husband had。 When he (the husband) had an idea about improving their methods, the supervisor, who had a really strong Chicago accent (think of Saturday Night Live, "Da Bears") would say "You don't tink! I tink, and you do!"

我妻子谈到了她第一任丈夫的一位上司。当他(丈夫)想到要了一个改善的方法时,有着浓重的芝加哥口音的主管(想想《周六夜现场》中的“大熊”)会说: “你不需提意见!我负责提意见,你负责执行即可! ”

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When I was an intern, there was this old shrew who would call people into her office (my cube shared a thin wall), gossip, then call those people in to tell them what was said, etc.

当我还是一个实习生的时候,有一个老泼妇,她会把别人叫进她的办公室(我的办公室隔着一堵薄墙) 闲聊,然后把别人叫进来,告诉他们说了什么,等等。

She would try to frx people for shit she did wrong. She was so arrogant. And she refused to adapt to workforce modernization. Example: she refused to learn how to hyperlix in emails, documents, etc. A real ray of sunshine she was!

她会设法陷害别人,让他们为她做错的事负责。她太傲慢了,她拒绝与时俱进。例如: 她拒绝学习如何在电子邮件、文档等中建立超链接。她是一度奇葩!


I worked somewhere in the last 3 years where they hired a secretary WHO REFUSED TO USE A COMPUTER! I couldn't fucking believe it, in this day and age.



No contest. It was the literal crackhead I worked with for 4 months that was also secretly living in the office and being completely nonsensical when he was actually "working". We found a mattress folded up in the warehouse after he was let go and an actual, brand new crack pipe (with a price tag on it, to boot) squirreled away back there.


He and his family (not just him living in the office!) left discarded food everywhere like pizza crusts in the toilet brush holder in the bathroom (wat even) and they left hair in the sink in the bathroom as they were obviously bathing in there, too, as we had no actual bathing facilities in the office.

他和他的家人(不仅仅是他自己住在办公室里!) 把丢弃的食物扔得到处都是,比如浴室的马桶刷架上有披萨饼皮(甚至还有水)。他们把头发留在浴室的水槽里,因为我们的办公室里没有真正的洗澡设施。

There's so much more I could go into; it was a wild 4 months, that's for sure.


*Edit- this blew up in a way I did not anticipate and I've gotten a few responses that I'm making this up, but let me tell you, I really *wish* that I were.


His girlfriend was always around at work and she would move in a way that you would absolutely never see her face (we thought maybe she had a warrant out for her arrest or something)。 I think only one of us saw her actual face and she would also sit behind the warehouse bay door in their Nissan Altima, with it running, all day (for the A/C) when she wasn't back there with him。 He wanted us to hire her to help him, which wasn't happening。 Our warehouse area was concrete flooring which didn't get cleaned often at all and she'd walk around back there BAREFOOT。

他的女朋友总是在工作的时候出现,她的动作让你绝对看不到她的脸(我们以为她可能是在逃嫌犯)。 我想我们当中只有一个人看到了她的真面目,她也会坐在 Altima 的仓库门后面,开着空调,一开就是一整天。他想让我们雇佣她来帮助他,但是没有成功。 我们的仓库区域是混凝土地板,根本不经常清理,她经常光着脚在上面走来走去。

As mentioned before, he was completely nonsensical at work as well; he suggested to my coworker, who scans our old documents to PDF via a feeder on our copier (of course), that she should take a picture of each page with her cell phone and do it that way. I got multiple e mails from him that made no sense at all and I eventually had to just forward some to my boss so he could see what was going on.

正如前面提到的,他对工作一无所知;我的同事负责将我们的旧文档扫描成 PDF 格式 ,他建议我的同事,应该先用她的手机拍下每一页的照片,然后再这样做。我收到了很多他发来的毫无意义的邮件,最后我不得不把一些邮件转发给我的老板,这样他就能知道发生了什么。

It was a sad situation, but also a WTF situation for the rest of us. He brought his gf to the interview and asked if she could sit in on it because it was so hot outside.


This was at an engineering firm, by the way.



Omg you worked with Creed

天啊,你竟然和 Creed 一起工作过0


I must be naive but, a crack pipe with the price tag attached?


Does is actually say, "Crack pipe?"


"Made in America with 100% renewable resources?"

“100% 使用可再生资源的美国制造? ”

I'm picturing the guy smoking with the price tag hanging off it--like when Chevy Chase points the gun at John Candy in Vacation.

秒速时时彩平台我想象着那个家伙抽着烟,身上挂着价签---- 就像切维 · 蔡斯在《度假》中用枪指着约翰 · 坎迪。


I’m still stuck on pizza crusts on the tp holder, lol.



this is just hysterical to read.


Please share more crackhead warehouse dweller stories, if you have any



My worst co-worker was one I worked with when I was a cashier at Walmart. She approached me and asked me to cash out her paycheck. I was still new at the job and never got training on how to do that function. She was sympathetic, so she walked me through how to do it. Transaction over and done, I go on about my day.I get called back a couple of days later by my managers and they circled me in an office and accused me of stealing. After tears, video tapes, and telling them what happened they told me that apparently this coworker of mine had stolen not only from me, but several other people that day as well. They just wanted to confirm I wasn't in on the deal.

我最糟糕的同事是我在沃尔玛当收银员时的一个同事。她找到我,让我把她的薪水支票兑现。当时我还是个新手,从来没有接受过这方面的训练。 她很有同情心,所以她告诉我怎么做。交易结束后,我继续过我的一天。几天后,我的经理给我回电话,他们在办公室围着我指控我偷窃。看了一些录像带,留了一些眼泪,并告诉他们发生了什么后,他们告诉我,显然,这个同事不仅偷了我,而且还偷了其他几个人的东西。 他们只是想确认我有没有参与这笔交易。

Fuck Walmart, and fuck that bitch for almost getting me arrested.



I was a Wal-Mart cashier, and some young adults, I checked them out。


They came back, and said I shorted them 20 dollars. I said Iiiii don't think I did. My drawers were always balanced, to the penny. They insisted I short changed them 20 dollars.


Giving them the benefit of the doubt, because, shit, I've been short changed before, and maybe I really did? I'm not impervious to mistakes。 So I called my CSM over, described the situation and said I'd like to drop my drawer & have her count it。

假定他们是无辜的,因为之前我确实少找给顾客钱,也许这次确实是我少给了? 我不能对错误无动于衷,所以我叫我的 CSM 过来,说了一下情况,说我想打开我的抽屉,让她数一数。

Now the young adults are all, ''It's no big deal'', ''We don't want to be any trouble or waste any time。'' And of course you know the ending, those two guys were working a con on me, or trying to。

此时这些年轻人都说,‘没什么大不了的’ ,‘我们不想惹麻烦,也不想浪费任何时间’ 你当然知道结局,那两个家伙在骗我,或者试图骗我。

CSM counted my drawer, and it balanced, to the penny. The conmen left, and my CSM said I did the right thing. I was right, I didn't shortchange those bastards.

Csm 仔细清点了我的抽屉。骗子最终离开了,我的 CSM 说我做了正确的事情。我是对的,我没有少找钱给那些混蛋。

Your story about the girl conning you with cashing the check reminded me of those dudes trying to con me. Sorry she got the best of you.



There is a right way and wrong way for managment to handle that situation. Accusing someone of theft to check for innocence is not right at all. That is horrible.

管理层处理这种情况有正确的方法和错误的方法。指控别人偷窃来证明自己的清白是完全不正确的。 太可怕了。


Hired a cook on a good recommendation. He was just fine the first two weeks. Then I noticed food going missing. Then supplies started going missing. Then a customer told me that he had been adding auto 30% tips his food purchases. When I looked at the books, I saw that he had been adding 30% tips to ALL the credit card sales. And the cash rings were off from what should have been sold. I fired him that day.

之前听从推荐雇佣了一个厨师。头两个星期他还好好的。然后我发现食物有时会缺少,补给品也开始消失。 然后一位顾客告诉我,他已经把购买食物的30% 自动小费加进去了。当我查看账本时,我发现他在所有的信用卡销售额中增加了30% 的小费。 发现后当天我就解雇了他。

The next day he came in and apologized. Said he was on drugs and was going to rehab. I wished him well. Then next day he tried to break in after close and was caught. Idiot.

第二天,他进来道歉。他说他吸毒,准备去戒毒所,我祝福他。 第二天,他在关门后试图闯入,结果被抓住了。真是个白痴。


Me reading your comment:



I hired a cook...


"Oh this is going to be about drugs."



I worked in childcare, and they had hired a new assistant/trainee teacher for my room(each room has 2 teachers). She just constantly argued about the dumbest shit, and always tried to argue with me about both company and state childcare policies because “that’s dumb”. Also was late every day her first week there. It all just started adding up until I was changing diapers and she was holding a 2 yr old child on her lap. I see a child biting another child and say “you need to go help them” as I have a child in the middle of a very explosive poopy diaper change up on the changing table and can’t leave him there obviously. She doesn’t get up. I repeat it, and she says “Well I have this kid on my lap” so I say “take him off your lap”. She responds “he’s strong” like this grown ass adult is unable to move a 2 year old off her lap because of some weird super strength. Then the child bites the other child again and at that point I’m mad and tell her to get up and help them now. She then proceeds to say “So what, I have to watch these 4 kids while you just have ONE up on the table?!” like I’m somehow supposed to have multiple children on the table at once to make her job of sitting on the floor making sure kids don’t get bit twice in a row easier, and our ratios were 4:1 anyways. I finished my diaper change, stuck my head out the door to my supervisor and told her “get this lady out of my room” and they did after and wrote her up after reviewing the footage of the incident. She was fired for no call no showing the next week. I’ve worked with a lot of idiots in childcare but she was so shitty in such a short amount of time.

我从事儿童保育工作,他们为我的房间聘请了一位新的助理 / 实习老师(每个房间有两位老师)。 她经常不断地争论最愚蠢的事情,总是试图和我争论公司和国家的儿童保育政策,因为“那是愚蠢的”。 她在那里工作的第一个星期每天都迟到。 这些都能忍,直到有一次我在换尿布的时候,她抱着一个两岁的孩子坐在她的腿上。 我看到一个孩子咬另一个孩子,然后对她说“你需要去帮助他们” ,因为我负责的这个孩子拉了超多的粑粑,正准备在更换台换尿布,显然不能离开。

她没有站起来。 我又重复了一遍,她说: “嗯,我已经有个孩子坐我腿上了,走不开”所以我说: “那就把他从你的腿上拿开。”。 她回答说“他很强壮” ,就像这个成年人因为某种奇怪的超能力而不能把一个两岁的孩子从她腿上移开一样。 然后那个孩子又咬了另一个孩子,这时我很生气,告诉她现在起来帮助他们。

然后她继续说: “那又怎样,我得看着这四个孩子,而你只有一个孩子在桌子上? ! ” 就好像我应该同时有好几个孩子在桌子上,这样她就能坐在地板上确保孩子不会连续被咬两次,而且我们的比例必须是4:1。 我换完尿布,立刻去见我的上司,告诉她“让这位女士离开我的房间” ,然后他们就照做了,并在回顾了事件的录像后把她叫了出来。她最后被解雇了,因为一个星期都没有来电话,也没有露面。 我在儿童保育方面和很多白痴一起工作过,但是她是唯一一个在这么短的时间内表现得如此糟糕的人。


Oh man, I had a short stint in childcare and had to quit because of the lack of help. I wish I would’ve had a room of 4 toddlers with another teacher, we would’ve done so well! Instead I was stuck in a class by myself with 7 toddlers, one of which was a serial biter and there was nothing I could do come diaper changing time except watch in horror and try to hurry up. I felt like shit having to constantly talk to the victim’s parents about each incident and I begged my director for help but she wouldn’t hire another teacher, who knows why. I just texted her one day after work saying I was done and wouldn’t be back. It was terrible.

哦,天哪,我也曾在儿童保育方面做过一段时间的工作,但由于缺乏帮助而不得不辞职。我理想的工作环境是,两个人负责4个蹒跚学步的孩子,这样我们会做得很好!但现实刚好相反,我却要一个人带7个小孩,其中一个家伙还喜欢咬人,在换尿布的时候我要时刻盯着这个孩子,并试图加快换尿布的速度,其它什么也做不了。 我感觉糟透了,不得不连续地和受害者的父母谈论每一件事情,我请求我的主任提供帮助,但是她不愿意再雇佣一个老师,谁知道为什么。 有一天下班后,我给她发了条短信,说我完工了,不会回来了。 太可怕了。


This is about 15 years ago but the office I worked in instituted a scent free policy。 One woman, who was already insufferable, was so offended by it that she snuck in her perfume collection。

秒速时时彩平台这是大约15年前的事情了,我工作的办公室制定了一项无气味的政策。 一个已经让人难以忍受的女人,被制定的政策激怒了,她偷偷地拿出了她的香水。0

She'd walk down the halls and spray perfume into empty offices or cubicles when no one was looking or before everyone arrived in the morning.


This went on for well over a month or two and we had no idea who was responsible. My coworkers and I started referring to this mysterious person as the Chanel Bandit.

秒速时时彩平台这种情况持续了一两个多月,我们不知道是谁干的。 我和我的同事开始称这个神秘的人为香奈儿班迪特。

She was finally caught on camera in the act. She'd left for three weeks vacation and was unaware that we had installed cameras after a break in. Some of us already suspected her, as the Chanel Bandit mysteriously stopped spraying while she was away.


She quit right after she was caught. None of us were sad to see that cedar scented psycho leave.



I didn't realise a scent free policy was a thing, was that due to the type of work you were doing or allergies or something else entirely?



I've worked a lot of factories, but one I worked at was mainly for felons。 The pay you complete shit and work you so hard it tears you body and mind up。 I just graduated high school and it was my second factory so I didn't know any better。 One guy I work with, we nick named Big Matt since we already had another Mat。


Well big Matt was a big fan of crystal and steroids so the dude was absolutely jacked, but this 35 year stilled lived with his mom. He said it had to do with him being a kid and walking in her being raped and ever since then he never wanted to leave her alone. At the time I thought wow, that would explain the substance abuse, he just wants to be strong to protect her. Well, I was a fucking idiot.

大块头马特是水晶和类固醇的超级粉丝,所以这家伙绝对是兴奋过头了,但是这个35岁的小伙子还是和他妈妈住在一起。他说这是因为他还是个孩子,他妈妈之前被人强奸,从那以后他再也不想离开她了。 当时我想,哇,这就能解释为什么他会滥用药物,他只是想坚强起来保护她。事后再看,我他妈就是个白痴。

Two months later, Big Matt and two coworkers didn't show up, so I asked the supprivisor what happened but he didn't know either. Next day one of the coworkers came in and told us that all three had been arrested because after buying an o of weed, Big Matt's mom called the cops on them. So before the cops showed up Big Matt, a 6 foot some odd inch buff meth head beat his mother with in an inch her life for calling the cops on him.

两个月后,大马特和两个同事没有出现,所以我问供应商发生了什么,但他也不知道。 第二天,其中一个同事进来告诉我们,他们三个因为买了一包大麻被捕了,是大马特的妈妈报的警。在警察出现之前,大马特,一个6英尺高的强壮的瘾君子打了他的母亲,因为她叫了警察来抓他。

Next day I looked him up, and sure enough he was booked in a local prison.


Suppose that has to be the worst coworker out of all the ones I faced



What was the other Matt like?



Big Matt just wanted to protected his momma, but he couldn't protect her from himself.



The HR manager at my last job had zero training, education or experience in HR。 She was argumentative, passive aggressive and incompetent。 Toward the end she asked me “Why are you being resistant” and “You’re not being a team player。” when I was advocating for client safety。 I was the second person in less than a year to leave and hire an attorney。

我上一份工作的人力资源经理没有受过人力资源方面的培训、教育或经验。她好争辩,消极攻击,不称职。临近结束时,她问我: “你为什么这么抵触? ”“你不是一个好的团队合作者。”当时我正在为客户安全辩护。我是第二个不到一年就离职的人,还雇佣律师和公司谈判。


Oh geez! It's the worst when the person we are supposed to turn to for help are not properly trained. At a former job, the general manager was also in charge of HR because it was small office. He was a buddy of the owners and would pit people against each other on a regular basis. There was so much unnecessary drama because of this guy! It's been years but just the thought of walking into that office and all of its chaos makes me nauseated!

哦,天哪! 最糟糕的是,我们应该寻求帮助的人没有得到适当的训练。在以前的工作中,由于办公室很小,总经理也负责人力资源。 他是球队老板的好朋友,经常让球员们互相竞争。 就是因为这个家伙,才有这么多不必要的闹剧! 已经过去多年了,但是一想到走进那间办公室,那里的一切混乱让我感到恶心!

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This guy named Daniel I used to work with at McDonald's in high school. He let everyone know he worked out and enjoyed being on the football team. He had this thing about taking 5 shits a day. He would walk by on his way back from the toilet, chest out, shoulders back and triumphantly announce "that's shit number 3!"... fucking Daniel.

秒速时时彩平台这个人叫丹尼尔,我高中时在麦当劳工作过的同事。他告诉每个人他锻炼过,并且很享受在足球队的时光。他有一种一天拉五次屎的毛病。他从厕所回来的路上,经常挺起胸膛,挺起肩膀,得意洋洋地宣布: “3号屎! ” 该死的丹尼尔。

boiboiboiboiboi420 Boiboiboiboi420

Let a man announce his shits



5 shits a day keep the doctor away


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What do you mean? Daniel sounds like an informative pal; keeping everyone on top of his shit count and how much he loves football。 /s

什么意思? 丹尼尔听起来像是一个知识丰富的伙伴; 让每个人都关注他的烂摊子和他有多么热爱足球。


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array(37) { [0]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368046) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(40) " 胡锡进:华盛顿老年痴呆了吗" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368046.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0715/1594781070107.jpg" ["description"]=> string(396) "大家看看现在的美国有多坏吧。“南海仲裁”过去4年了,但蓬佩奥国务卿偏偏在它4周年时发表激烈的声明,称中国对南海的领土和海洋权益主张“完全不合法”,并谴责北京使用“强权即公理”的恐吓手段损害东南亚国家的主权。华盛顿老年痴呆了吗,患上了行动迟缓症了吗,要过4年才放这个炮?" ["time"]=> int(1594781138) } [1]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368023) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "金灿荣 戴维来:携手抗击疫情是各国共同责任" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368023.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0714/1594720156497.jpg" ["description"]=> string(306) "突如其来的新冠肺炎疫情,给世界各国人民的生命安全和身体健康带来严重威胁,给全球公共卫生安全带来巨大挑战,对世界经济运行造成巨大影响,全球面临严峻复杂形势。有效防控疫情,已经成为摆在世界各国面前的共同任务。" ["time"]=> int(1594720140) } [2]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368176) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(39) "胡锡进:中美会发生战争吗?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368176.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0718/1595073522752.jpg" ["description"]=> string(339) "由于中美战略互信几乎消失殆尽,美国又加强了在中国周边的军事存在,中美发生一线偶然军事摩擦的风险比过去增加了,而且一旦出现那样的摩擦,通过和平方式将它控制住,不让其发酵的政治难度也增加了。从理性而言,中美都不想彼此走向军事冲突。" ["time"]=> int(1595074462) } [3]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368164) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "郑永年:千万别跟着美国搞这套 否则会掉陷阱" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368164.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0718/1595062138752.jpg" ["description"]=> string(243) "美国政府层出不穷的“筹码”,让人想起贸易谈判中经常提到的词:极限施压。如何看待美国新一轮对华“极限施压”?我们与新加坡国立大学东亚研究所郑永年教授进行了一番对谈。" ["time"]=> int(1595062225) } [4]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368151) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(46) "俄媒: 美国军事野心或在南海沉没" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(38) "http://mil.dptuba.com/2020-07/1368151.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0718/1595039281939.jpg" ["description"]=> string(331) "俄罗斯《观点报》7月15日发表伊万·阿巴库莫夫和奥克萨纳·鲍里索娃合写的文章《美国的野心可能在南海沉没》,称中国在南海的水面舰艇和潜艇数量超过了印度洋和太平洋的任何(国家的)舰队,因此美中两国近期应该不会在该地区发生严重对抗。" ["time"]=> int(1595039284) } [5]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368144) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(53) "钟声:美国政客结成"造谣团伙"自毁信誉" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368144.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0718/1595037406743.jpg" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["time"]=> int(1595037436) } [6]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368127) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(45) "美国专家:美国经济或将二次探底" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368127.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0717/1594983803331.jpg" ["description"]=> string(150) "随着美国新冠肺炎疫情出现大幅反弹,有专家表示,受疫情反弹影响,美国经济可能会在今年晚些时候二次探底。" ["time"]=> int(1594983806) } [7]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368125) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(47) "埃贡·克伦茨:全世界正在聚焦中国" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368125.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0717/1594978809694.jpg" ["description"]=> string(408) "在当前世界抗击新冠肺炎疫情的斗争中,“中国之治”与“西方之乱”形成了鲜明对比。如何评价中国抗疫斗争的表现?资本主义在疫情中暴露出哪些体制性局限?社会主义制度在战“疫”中展现了哪些独特优势?如何以人类命运共同体理念促进全球抗疫合作?这些值得深思的问题,引起了世界的广泛关注。" ["time"]=> int(1594978841) } [8]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368110) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "牛弹琴:白宫记者会翻车了,后果很惨烈!" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368110.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0717/1594952981869.jpg" ["description"]=> string(314) "在7月16日白宫记者会上,就推动学校开放问题,有记者抛给了白宫女发言人凯莉莉侃侃而谈:总统明确表示他希望学校开放,当他说开放时,他意思是全面开放,孩子们能够每天参加,每个人每天都在学校……科学不应该阻碍这一进程! " ["time"]=> int(1594953069) } [9]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368115) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "王云飞:四大原因使美国看重南海 必然找麻烦" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(38) "http://mil.dptuba.com/2020-07/1368115.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0717/1594954928431.jpg" ["description"]=> string(261) "美国国务院7月13日发表声明,否定中国在南海的主权。声索南海海洋权益涉及六国七方,而美国单单否认中国的声索要求,与其他“盟友及伙伴站在一起”,一下子撕掉了自己过去貌似中立的伪装。" ["time"]=> int(1594954933) } [10]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368113) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(52) "许倬云:美国陷入困境 中国向何处去?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368113.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0717/1594953817188.jpg" ["description"]=> string(293) "许倬云先生是学贯中西享誉世界的历史学家。90高龄的他,客居美国六十年,零距离观察美国的历史与现实,集成作品《许倬云说美国》,“谨以这本可能是我最后的著作,呈献我妻曼丽,愿世界和平,让我们余年安宁。”" ["time"]=> int(1594953931) } [11]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368100) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "清华教授阎学通:美国为什么想掐死华为了" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368100.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0716/1594896884545.jpg" ["description"]=> string(197) "特朗普政府在缓和与对抗两种政策之间的变化周期非常短,有时会不超过24个小时,这就是说,每分钟都可能从对抗转向缓和,或者从缓和转向对抗。" ["time"]=> int(1594896889) } [12]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368095) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(63) ""建国同志"遭美媒曝光 战忽局没法开展工作了!" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368095.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0716/1594891671270.jpg" ["description"]=> string(160) "美国最为著名的专栏记者,两届“普利策”奖得主纪思道(Nicholas Kristof)在《纽约时报》的一篇文章中直接炮轰特朗普。" ["time"]=> int(1594891690) } [13]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368096) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "梅新育:疫情阴影下的中亚经济与汇率风险" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368096.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0716/1594895883390.jpg" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["time"]=> int(1594895888) } [14]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368073) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(59) "专家:英禁用华为5G两个时间节点背后有玄机" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368073.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0716/1594859319570.jpg" ["description"]=> string(448) "14日,英国做了一个自称“不轻松的决定”:禁用华为5G。半年前,英国还给华为背书“无安全隐患”,暗示要给华为5G开“绿灯”,进入7月以后却迅速“翻脸”,出尔反尔的态度令舆论哗然。有分析人士称,这180度转变的背后,更多出于政治考量,而非商业因素,但从给出的两个时间节点上看又“大有玄机”,似乎为自己留有回旋余地。" ["time"]=> int(1594859337) } [15]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368069) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(58) "牛弹琴:英国禁华为 最终结果可能出乎意外" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368069.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0716/1594857408747.jpg" ["description"]=> string(215) "英国果然对华为下黑手了。英国官员说得也很直白,这不是一个轻松的决定,英国5G建设将因此推迟一年,但原因,一是所谓国家安全考虑,二是美国制裁的压力。" ["time"]=> int(1594857466) } [16]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368057) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "英国学者马丁·雅克:离开中国 英国没有未来" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368057.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0715/1594810261681.jpg" ["description"]=> string(210) "当地时间14日,在英国政府宣布本地电信运营商必须在规定期限内将华为公司设备从本国5G网络中彻底移除后,英国学者马丁·雅克在社交媒体抨击政府的决定。" ["time"]=> int(1594810301) } [17]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367787) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(45) "陈文玲:中国智库应站在时代前沿" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367787.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0707/1594117059606.jpg" ["description"]=> string(339) "国家治理现代化是多维度的,智库在其中扮演着越来越重要的角色。习近平同志在最早的关于智库的批示里面强调“智库是国家软实力的重要组成部分”,所以我认为在新时代智库还是国家现代治理能力基础中的智力基础设施。我们国家有数字化基础设施、" ["time"]=> int(1594117074) } [18]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368047) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "珍妮:香港国安法无可非议 英指手画脚不光彩" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368047.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0715/1594781392873.jpg" ["description"]=> string(277) "英国中国问题专家珍妮·克莱格博士曾著有《中国的全球战略:走向一个多极世界》一书。针对英国有关方面就香港国安法说三道四,珍妮·克莱格指出,不论从历史上,还是当前,英国都扮演了不光彩的角色。" ["time"]=> int(1594781397) } [19]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368045) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(56) "美国南海声明--特朗普政府最后的救命稻草" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368045.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0715/1594780942758.jpg" ["description"]=> string(418) "美国时间2020年7月13日,美国就南海问题发表重要的政策主张。这是与美国既有的在南海问题上采取中立政策立场的决裂,标志着美国从此并且已经开始公开在南海问题上全面对抗中国。结合即将到来的大选,以及美国特朗普政府的抗疫不利,在南海问题等议题设置上打中国牌,已经成为特朗普政府最后的救命稻草。" ["time"]=> int(1594780960) } [20]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368044) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(59) "补壹刀:率先引爆中美"世纪战争"的是这里?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(38) "http://mil.dptuba.com/2020-07/1368044.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0715/1594780287752.jpg" ["description"]=> string(437) "南海,在美国13日抛出一份明显带有“对抗中国”色彩的声明后,会不会成为中美矛盾的“冲突引爆点”?看看这份声明出台之前,东南亚某些国家的动作,你会发现很多蹊跷的地方。这是一场事先已经协调一致的“表演”?有些国家似乎想利用美国的军事力量,尽快开发南海油气资源,而美国则希望在南海夯实自己的“抓手”。" ["time"]=> int(1594780311) } [21]=> array(12) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368022) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(48) "《大西洋月刊》:如今是特朗普之疫" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(37) "http://fm.dptuba.com/2020-07/1368022.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0714/1594719671979.jpg" ["description"]=> string(157) "美国的第一次冠状病毒疫情高峰出现在4月底,这可以归咎于总统的疏忽。而六月的第二次高峰,则是特朗普咎由自取。" ["time"]=> int(1594719660) ["flags"]=> string(3) "usa" } [22]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368020) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "亚当·佩恩:新冠的群体免疫可能根本无法实现" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1368020.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0714/1594718781263.jpg" ["description"]=> string(120) "新冠病毒的群体免疫可能根本无法实现,有研究表明,一部分人的抗体在数周后就会消失。" ["time"]=> int(1594718785) } [23]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1368000) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "5800枚核弹头是中国的20倍!美方算一算帐" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(38) "http://mil.dptuba.com/2020-07/1368000.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0713/1594644243334.jpg" ["description"]=> string(231) "“揣着明白装糊涂”,这是7月10日外交部发言人赵立坚,给美方的评价。中国早已表明立场,无意所谓三边军控谈判,而美方却极力要拉上中国,究竟谁该严肃正视军控问题?" ["time"]=> int(1594644251) } [24]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367999) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "冈特·舒赫:美国"神"操作下 德国开始欣赏中国" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367999.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0713/1594642624745.jpg" ["description"]=> string(249) "美国显然高估了自己作为别国盟友的吸引力,而且每天还在破坏自己的信誉。能让英国一部分人接受的东西,拿到欧洲大陆来不见得受待见。至少法国也是这样的,他们的情况和我们类似。" ["time"]=> int(1594642629) } [25]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367964) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "保罗·克鲁格曼:美国是如何输掉新冠战争的?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367964.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0712/1594547698505.jpg" ["description"]=> string(383) "美国是何时开始输掉抗击新冠病毒的战争的?我想说,转折点要追溯到4月17日。那天,唐纳德·特朗普在推特上发文说,“解放明尼苏达”,接着是“解放密歇根”和“解放弗吉尼亚”。他这样做实际上是宣称白宫支持抗议者的要求,即结束州长们为控制新冠肺炎的传播而出台的限制措施。" ["time"]=> int(1594547701) } [26]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367971) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "《柳叶刀》主编:中国医务人员值得被感谢" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367971.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0712/1594556071941.jpg" ["description"]=> string(281) "作为全球著名医学学术期刊《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)的主编,理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)日前就力挺中国的抗疫表现,盛赞中国的医务工作者。他认为人们不应该指责中国,同时也批评了部分国家抗疫的糟糕表现。" ["time"]=> int(1594556079) } [27]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367951) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "美国留学生签证新规之争背后是法律还是政治" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367951.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(0) "" ["description"]=> string(263) "美国国土安全部下属部门移民与海关执法局(ICE)针对国际学生宣布了新的政策,7月9日,美国加利福尼亚州总检察长宣布,加利福尼亚将会是美国第一个针对国际学生签证新规起诉特朗普政府的州。" ["time"]=> int(1594526995) } [28]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367942) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "胡锡进:梳理蓬佩奥把美越关系说成一朵花" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367942.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0712/1594522608357.jpg" ["description"]=> string(323) "越南与美国建交25周年,蓬佩奥国务卿发了一份不短的声明,把美越关系描述成了一朵花,并表示要把美越关系打造成“国际合作与伙伴关系的典范”。这可是来自几十年前向包括河内在内的北越投下了成千上万吨炸弹那个国家的国务卿的电文。" ["time"]=> int(1594522702) } [29]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367934) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "王毅:中美关系如何才能拨乱反正重回正轨? " ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367934.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0711/1594468902586.jpg" ["description"]=> string(492) "更令人警惕的是,中美关系这对世界上最重要的双边关系之一,也面临建交以来最严重的挑战。美方一些人,出于意识形态的偏见,正不遗余力地把中国渲染成对手甚至敌人,想方设法遏制中国的发展,不择手段阻碍中美之间的联系。下一步,中美关系这艘已经航行了四十多年的巨轮能否继续保持正确航向,不仅与两国人民利益密切相连,也关乎世界与人类的共同未来。" ["time"]=> int(1594468928) } [30]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367931) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "陆克文:美国总统试探中方红线做法"十分危险"" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367931.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0711/1594464482869.jpg" ["description"]=> string(186) "当前美中关系这艘巨轮的船体上有很多缺口和问题,但现在还不到放救生艇的时候。然而,我发现已经有人怀着这样的心情在准备救生艇了。" ["time"]=> int(1594464499) } [31]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367929) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(59) "傅莹:面对美方挑衅,中方应考虑"主动出牌"" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367929.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0711/1594463781432.jpg" ["description"]=> string(291) "现在,中美关系确实进入建交以来一个十分困难的时刻,有人甚至说是“至暗时刻”。我认为,可能还不是最低谷。注意观察白宫释放出来的一些信号,至少在大选前,中美关系再出现新的问题的可能性还是高度存在的。" ["time"]=> int(1594463797) } [32]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367933) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "齐德学:驳抗美援朝问题上的历史虚无主义" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367933.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0711/1594468520854.jpg" ["description"]=> string(272) "不难看出 “两文作者”也好,《是非和得失》的作者也好,为了否定抗美援朝战争, 为了诋毁毛泽东,想怎么说,就怎么说,完全不顾历史事实,以期蒙骗和迷惑不了解抗美援朝战争历史真相的广大读者。" ["time"]=> int(1594468527) } [33]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367930) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "赵启正:美全面遏制中国将是"一个历史性错误"" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367930.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0711/1594464190110.jpg" ["description"]=> string(150) "在中美关系正处于十字路口的重要时刻,中美关系何去何从?我相信,今天在线论坛会有助于我们更深入的思考。" ["time"]=> int(1594464193) } [34]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367880) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(39) "平原公子:“丑陋”的美国人" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367880.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0710/1594353890718.jpg" ["description"]=> string(258) "美国人民,正在进行一场轰轰烈烈的“破四旧”运动。他们发现,原来历史上的美国先贤,不是奴隶贩子,就是奴隶主,不是种族主义者,就是刽子手,众神之殿里数过去,居然没有几个好东西。" ["time"]=> int(1594353901) } [35]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367309) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(45) "张文木:青藏高原与中国整体安全" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-06/1367309.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0624/1593003020741.jpg" ["description"]=> string(261) "从青藏高原之巅俯瞰,古今丝绸之路从亚洲由东迤西伸向欧洲。至其中腰,海上和陆上丝绸之路就像环绕青藏高原南北的两条彩带,而屹立其中的青藏高原则像护卫沿两条丝路来往人民的冲天石堡。" ["time"]=> int(1593003032) } [36]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1367689) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "刘和平:西方国家不是都吃特朗普那一套" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.dptuba.com/opinion/2020-07/1367689.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0704/1593868599329.jpg" ["description"]=> string(393) "在香港国安法出台之后,没有跟美国保持一致的国家,并不只是德国一个,欧洲大陆上的其他国家,包括法国、意大利等国家,普遍采取了“去意识形态色彩”的做法,这样一种现象,也就使得传统意义上的西方世界已经出现了相当明显的分裂,分裂成为了“对华激进”与“对华温和”两大阵营。" ["time"]=> int(1593868602) } }


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